Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 22 - Six Years Ago Today


Thank you Marnae for being a wonderful Mother, and an amazing Wife!  I love you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Never Really Noticed Before

Once again, Kyser brings something to my attention. Much like he did in a previous post Found Here our little buddy has pointed out something that I never really noticed before.

Above, Kyser has drawn a nice picture of his mommy. At first I thought there was something strange about the picture. I pondered and reflected on what seemed odd, but I just couldn't put my hand on it. Then I looked back at a few other pictures of Kyser's mommy and I think I see what he was going for.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Duke's Descent

LondonTimes - June 11, 1931

"Lofty" Aires, Duke of Airesborne, Killed In "Attack" Balloon Crash. Relatives brought together to determine the rightful heir.

Pictured from Left to Right:

back row - Lance Sallot (Aaron), Lonsford Glost Aires (Kevin), Evonne B.N. Aires (Emily), Cannon von Babyston (Cannon), Gwendolyn O. Veere (Kimby), Spendwell "Spinner" P. Roppwash (yo), Jeeves (Max)

front row - Tabela M. Cutesy (Mesa), Rogan S. Coudrell (Henry), Damselyne D. Istresse (Rachelle), Melissa C. Lloudbanks (Marnae), Millie Q.T. Memomabs (Amelia)

So, Rachelle found an old "How to Host a Murder" game in their house and convinced us join them for a night of murder, mystery, and mayhem.

We all had a good time finding out who done it until the real murderer couldn't take the pressure any further and finally confessed to killing ole' Lofty.

Kevin especially had a good time when he went upstairs to check on Cannon. After he didn't return, we thought he might have been the murderer's second victim for the night. However, upon further investigation, we found him safe and sound, sleeping next to the crib with Cannon looking down at his sleeping dad.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Do Babies Have Nightmares About?

I have often asked myself this question. Actually, I usually just wonder at what point babies start dreaming and what those dreams are about. Well, last night, I think I got part of the answer.

I stayed up late last night, I just had to watch the very last Conan O'brien appearance on Late Night. Somewhere around 12am, I heard Millie start to cry in her crib. As I opened the door to her room, I could hear her saying, "Mine, mine, mine" as she cried. I turned the dimmer switch on just enough to see her, and she is sitting up in her crib, pointing in the dark at the floor and says, "My book, mine, my book."

Now, you have to know something about Millie; she loves her books. She will wake up in the morning and if we put a book in her crib the night before, she will sit and "read" that book for 30-45 minutes before she starts to get antsy. One of her favorite books right now is "If you Give a Pig a Party." She calls it her Piggy Book.
So, as I ask her what book she is crying about, she says, "Piggy Book, Maxy, Mine." I look on the floor where she is pointing and do not see the Piggy Book. I look on the shelf, and don't see the book there either.

At this point, it crosses my mind that maybe she was having a bad dream. I pick her up and carry her into the living room as she calms down. She begins to relax and says, "Daddy, Piggy Book, mine." I tell her that I couldn't find the piggy book, and she says, "Daddy, Maxy take Piggy Book." She is of course talking about Max who has been downstairs sleeping for the last 3 hours. I tell her that Maxy doesn't have her book, but she insists that "Maxy take Piggy Book." I go back into her room and look under some of the books on the floor and notice the Piggy Book is there. It seemed to confuse her as she insisted that Max had taken her book and yet it was there on the floor.

I can only conclude that she knew the Piggy Book was on the floor when she went to bed and she had a dream that Max had come and taken her precious book. She started crying trying to tell Max the book was hers but nobody was listening. So, it seems the worst nightmare for my 21-month old baby is to have someone steal her books.

Of course, in the morning, she had forgotten all about the Piggy Book and was back to her crazy funny self.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Can You Roll Your Tongue?

So, the other night, I asked the question to the kids, Can you roll your tongue. I grabbed the camera to watch the fun.